AStA Exchange

Welcome to the AStA Exchange Platform

The AStA Exchange Platform is an opportunity for students to find a place to stay at the beginning of the semester, an accomodation or a job.


At the beginning of each semester it may be hard to find a place to stay. The AStA tries to help those who were not able to find an accomodation, yet. We hope that many students try to help other students in need by sheltering them for some time until they found their own place to stay. If you are looking for a place to stay or if you want to help click here.


If you have any questions regarding the AStA Exchange Platform, feel free to write us an email (asta ( a@t ), to call us (0531 - 391 - 4555) or to visit us (Katharinen Str. 1 near Mensa 1).