AStA Exchange


At the moment 10 students are looking for a couch and we still have 5 open offers. 181 sleeping places have already been arranged through the AStA exchange platform.

Are you looking for a place to stay?

You want to study in Braunschweig and haven't found an apartment yet? Your rental contract doesn't start for a few weeks? Simply fill out the request form and as soon as a suitable place is available, the AStA will contact you.

You can take someone in?

You still have a sofa or a bed available in your apartment and can imagine taking someone in for a certain period of time? Then simply offer your couch here. All you have to do is enter an offer here and as soon as someone makes an enquiry, you will receive an email from us.

How does it work?

It is simple. Only three short steps:

  1. Create an offer or a request
  2. Wait for an email from the AStA with the contact data
  3. Contact each other, get to know each other and in the best case become roommates
And then hopefully you'll have someone sleeping on your couch, or a place to sleep.


The AStA does not arrange apartments, it only assists in the search for temporary accommodations. The AStA is not liable for any consequences resulting from the couchsurfing campaign, including but not limited to damage to property or personal injury. We recommend that you meet people you move in with or who want to move in with you in advance in order to get to know them.